Cider Apple Trees


Spring 2016

Limited Supply

Each year we produce a number or apple trees for our own orchards.  We generally produce more than we need and are able to sell off the excess. We currently have a number of Traditional and Heirloom cider tree varieties for sale.

All trees are on Semi-Dwarfing root stock which produce an abundant crop without taking up much space. Semi-dwarf Cider Apple trees grow to be 12-15 feet tall and produce 6 to 10 bushels of cider apples. When pressed they can produce 60 to 100 liters of juice ready to be made into Hard Cider

Semi-dwarf trees tend to be well-anchored once planted, but using tree stakes is recommended in high-wind areas. We recommend spacing them 10 to 15 feet apart. With proper care and pruning, a semi-dwarf apple tree can be grown in containers.

One Year Whips - Limited Supply (Call for Availability)

2 Year old Trees - Sold Out


We have the following varieties.

.     Ashmead's Kernel *

.     Ashton Bitter

.     Baldwin

.     Black Twig

.     Bramtot

.     Brown Snout

.     Brown Thorn

.     Brown's Apple

.     Bulmer's Norman *

.     Chisel Jersey

.     Dabinett *

.     Domaines

.     Fameuse

.     Frequin Rouge *

.     Golden Russet

.     Granniwinkle

.     Harrison *

.     Harry Masters Jersey

.     Kermerrian *

.     Kingston Black

.     Lambrook Pippin

.     Medaille d'Or *

.     Muscat de Bernay

.     Porter's Perfection

.     Redfield *

.     Reine des Pommes

.     Sheep's Nose

.     Vilberne

.     Yarlington Mill *



* = larger quantities available